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special ONLY FOR SUJU from dear ELF

Mesej di bawah saya nak share dengan semua ELF yang sangat Cik Kaseh hargai dan sayangi. *ayaq mata dah meleleh baca surat budak ni...girl ni (Azaleah, 13) dah meninggal akibat kanser... n after die meninggal mak dia jumpa diari die di bawah bantal. kemudian terjumpa mesej yang ditujukan untuk Super Junior.

I juz RE-POST diz entri. untuk tatapan ELF yang lain. Surat tu berbunyi :-

I love Super Junior and I will continue loving them!, Super Junior are one of the people who gives me strength fighting this illness of mine.

Last Super Show 3 Manila was the best..
I wasnt able to hug or hold them but I was really happy back then...
and I really want to watch Super Show again...
even though im really tired I gave my best waving my lightstick and shouting and clapping when oppa starts to sing and I really enjoy it!
Sapphire Blue Sea is the best sea around the world .

Super Junior always makes me feel happy specially when I watch their videos on YouTube they make me strong when they are also strong .
The day I become ELF is the day I gain strength...
I want to live for my family for my friends and for SUPER JUNIOR I want to support them always and give them the strength they gave to me...
I always listen to their songs and it really makes me feel happy...

I always listen to Sukira Kiss The Radio and Youngstreet and I am happy listening and watching them .

When Super Junior oppa smile I smile too cause I know that they have problems too but they can smile on it so I should do that too...
I will try my best to fight against this illness and continue support Super Junior even in Heaven I promise!

I always want to be called as ELF not only always but FOREVER
Super Junior gave me new friends and family thank you!

Super Junior and Leah FIGHTING!

-Super Junior's ELF Azaleah!

*I want to share this to everyone till this message reach Super Junior I know she really wants to tell all of this to Super Junior please ELF help me this is the only gift I can give to her. PLease, pray for her..

*Cdt :han yongyoo