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Trans : Yeseob Hug... Cik Kaseh Shock!... B2UTY, Please Don't Kill Me...

This is 2nd time... got a lucky draw with BEAST
1st time was last year... 1st BEAST showcase  at KL LIVE
click bellow for the link 
Word before getting the lucky draw -> “Aiya, Don’t need to hope anything, just relax, we come just to enjoy. For what want to get so excited…”

Indeed… Not a hardcore fan also I bring along a banner JokerHara some more….

  I crazily like this couple… Don’t be angry B2uty but I like JunRa.

I was seriously shock when the name ‘KASEH’ is being call out to go onto the stage. Is it really me? Or somebody else? But there isn’t many people who use a special name like this (it is just a nickname also)

Ok… in my mind, I really thought of bringing the Joker banner n show at him that I support his being with Hara… <- I am really Busted! Just want to make the heart of b2uty to hot or sad by saying the name Hara only… ^_^V

Story on stage....
Doojoon the leader is the first to greet me… shake hand with him… <- wow! This is the 1st time because the last time I don’t have time to look at him direction…some more to shake hand with him also… after that, all of us including BEAST are like blur to couple with whom. Emcee asks us to choose who we like…

Seriously, I want Joker-nim!!!but there another fan with him… So because I like Yoseob after Joker. I quickly choose Yoseob!!!hahahaha~~ <- who ask him to have the best voice and super cute. That why I like him.

....ok next part... 
I don’t care if he just want to shake hand only... but suddenly he the one who hug me~~~!!!
I'm shock... stuck... crazy... but still I can still control myself on the stage… step cool like that. Hahah~~~

He took my banner… than he is like shock!!!
"JOKER? JOKER?? JOKERR???!!! ARGHHH~~~" <- my friends said that Yoseob is really cute during this part… kekekeke~~

I try to explain to him that I actually really like at Joker. But you almost in my heart too... even a 2nd bias… ngeee~~ <- with an act cute face just to take Yoseob heart.   

After that he smile (cute to the maximum)… then he hugged me again!!!ngee~~ mianhae B2UTY. I didn’t expect… =_="

After that… after making a draw for game, we (me n Yoseob) sit on the stairs. Emcee just talk and explain about the game bowling, the one that we need to play. But I was making a private drama with Yoseob at the side of the stage (I know you all see and must be curious what am I talking with him)
Muhahahha~~ there many things I talk with this small eyes guy (although we speak like chicken and duck… (╯︵╰,) Until I really have to speak in a really broken English…want to speak Korea, I die because I know a bit only)

“Kaseh… my fans give to me” <- I tell you his English really bad that I have to translate in simple English so that you all understand…
Actually he show the gold ring on his hand. It was a gift from fans… the ring is really pretty. there an engrave of Yoseob name on it some more. It’s really lucky to be a popular artist. Can get presents…  

“Kaseh…” <- ok, he knows my name because it is easy to be pronounced. I guess.
“Kaseh… Kaseh…” <- ngee~~ Why he do face like he having fun calling my name! Some more with a face that is sweet like $%^&*&... =_="
“Nee… You know what… my name... ‘KASEH’... means LOVE. Love is SARANG.” <- I just anyhow talk only, as long as I get to chit chat with him.
“Chinca!!” <- this small eyes guy make an excited face while looking at me and blinking his eyes. I just reply nodding my head and smile.  

See…. I am chit chatting with Yoseob… <- Actually I talk anyhow the whole time... hahahaha~~

Next part... 
“Malaysia is hot.” While taking a paper to make it as fan. He is really gentleman, he even helps to fan for me!
“Ya, Malaysia is really hot. Not like Korea. Your country is cool right.” 
He nods... meaning he understand what I am saying. ~relieve~

I took the paper fan from his fan… (let me now help you to fan for you Yoseob❤❤❤)
He takes it back. “It’s ok, I’ll do it”
Kyaaa~~~ Feeling heaven, <- feel like in heaven. Being served by angel…

While fanning… Suddenly my mind feels like acting naughty for a while.
Yoseob wipe his sweating face…
Oh… I feel hot too… with not feeling shy, I wipe my sweat from my face on his towel…
“Yoseob, can you give your towel to me?” , this time my eyes look at him but of course not like as if there a blink-blink with a heart shape like this ❤O❤…maybe my face is blur while holding the white towel on his shoulder….
“Oh, yes… sure. I’ll give you.”
Ngaaa~~~ feel like dropping my jaw. Feeling so happy getting them!!!
“Yes!....thank you, Yoseob.”
Suddenly, he gives a killer smile at me…
OMG~ I can die!
  “Nee… Yoseob. I have many friends seating over there. I think they wanna kill me right now!!!”
(Maybe there many Yoseob fans especially those who seating near VVIP in front of me are shouting each time there a sweet+pamper action by me and Yoseob)
“Kill? Why?” He can even ask me why?
I didn’t answer the question from Yoseob. I just give a smile full of meaning…

Towel from Yoseob for me… (^_^)V

Some more… what else I chit chat with him…
"Do u like Malaysian food?"
"Yes, Malaysian food is good." and showing a thumbs up.
"Which one u like?"
"Err...heee?" <- ok, he don’t understand my question. How am I to make him understand…
“Ermm.. Malaysian food… you like? What? <- OMG, it can be difficult for a chicken and duck to be a couple.
"Ooo... i like SATAY."
"Chinca? thats my favourite food also."
After that suddenly Encik Yoseob a.k.a. Yusuf start to talk in his own language. I don’t understand them… but from the way he story is like fun so I just nod my head and smile…hahaha~~~

When it our turn to play the game, he being a gentleman, hold my hand up and down the stage. Until even the emcee disturb us...
"This 2 people lah... so romantik like loving couple. hailoh~~"
I became a shy cat. Of course Mr Yoseob did make me feel as if I am in love with him on the stage…

When I got score 5 pin for the bowling, he was happy and hug me again…
Actually I don’t know how many times he always hug me from the start being on stage till the end of the game…huhuhu~~(got some part I didn’t write because I don’t really remember the moment. Mianhae)

 waa~~ I feel so touch.ßAfter the game, I ask him sign autograph on the banner JokerHara. He quickly go and run to take a marker for the table…

Actually he gave me the score card for the game we played but the staff took them… really bad! The broke my heart... huhuhu~~

It really funny when Yoseob is the one overly excited when emcee pass him the prize that I as if he is the one who got the prize.. hahahha~~
"Why are u so excited. Diz present is not for you lah..."
I would laugh really badly if I am not on the stage at that time. Kihkihkih~~~

(Just now morning, I go to work and my friend ask if I buy a new HP? Then I answer… “Nolah.. Present. My boyfriend gives me…” smiling like one crazy people… hahha~~~)

  I didn’t take many people last night… but got some for you all to look at.

This is the only picture I took. Mostly are from my friends and B2UTY

If want to look at video. I will maybe upload at my YouTube.

So, that all my short story YeoSeh this time.
The story like sweet? Some said that it is cute like a movie SEPET. OMG~~ You all are making me shy shy cat.. huhu~~

Creadit to : Noratiyah ...thank's for your translating my entry

P/S: To all B2UTY around Malaysia… I am sorry if I make you all sad or feel like killing me because Yoseob hugged me more than 1 time.. don’t worry he never hugged me more than 10 times last night…


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